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SCR Soft Technologies has positioned itself in the midst of the prominent providers of IT consultant services in India. In addition, we offer various other services like application development services, web development services, engineering design solutions and many more.

Our strong domain and technical expertise in our chosen markets, reliable, scalable and cost effective end to end service offerings, quality systems and global delivery models enable us to help our customers reduce costs, improve time to market and optimize resources thereby creating a business impact for our customers.

We adhere to the fundamentals of project management and quality assurance principles of the Rational Unified Process, which calls for iterative development, sustainability to changes, careful QA, and risk management, however we keep project goals in mind to define the most appropriate process for the task at hand. Our dedicated.

The Engineering Services division provides high quality, cost effective engineering solutions and has deep domain expertise in aerospace, automotive and industrial machinery segments. SCR Soft Technologies is an engineering services provider,which helped many global engineering companies reduce time to market, optimize resources and reduce costs, thereby creating a measurable and sustainable business impact.

We at SCR Soft Technologies provide support to our clients in the design phase of a project. We offer various engineering design services like 2D drafting, design automation, conceptual design, 3D Modelling etc. Our engineering design services are highly valued in the corporate arena for their high reliability and efficacy. We also offer you highly efficacious engineering design solutions, which would help you in competing with your competitors. We offer engineering design solutions at the most competitive prices.

2D TO 3D Conversion

The most cost effective solution for long-term use of the data is the proper conversion of existing data to the newly acquired CAD system. We offer this service to assist with the proper implementation of the CAD system into your engineering process.

Product Design

We offer product design and new product development services for a range of industries. Our engineers have rich experience in the industry, and have designed parts ranging from plastic components to automobile engines.

Mold Design

We offer tool design services with expertise in the following areas Conventional injection mold designs, Single cavity and multi-cavity tools.

Project Support

We can assist you in any stage of your project. When we work with, we become a member of your team and are fully committed to meeting your project goals. Our engineers can work with your existing staff in completing projects on time. Our services include Model generation, Production drawing creation, and simulation.


We offer simulation solution (Geometric Element Analysis and Finite Element Analysis). Our Engineers have a broad knowledge of engineering analysis problems including Motion analysis, structural analysis, and Vibration analysis. We focus on identifying the problems and optimizing the product design. We provide solutions in the following based on the design study.


  • New work permits request through portal
  • Auto mails to the concern higher authorities like Area Owner, Permit Acceptor and Permit Authorizer
  • All approvals through portal and getting digital signatures.
  • User specific dashboard.
  • Automatic capturing of violations in Work Permits.
  • Process owner is determined based on nature of work and the working area.
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