Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software

SPC(Statistical Process Control), generally refers to the use of various types of control charts that use historical data to calculate control limits. The application of statistical techniques for measuring and analyzing the variation in processes.


Our spc software can be used for six sigma, benchmarking, capability studies, and a variety of other uses at a cost you can get a return on fast, no matter if you are a Green Belt to a Master Black Belt. Or just use it to do simple statistics.

You should avoid using Excel as a calculator and database to store your statistical process control data. Using it just as a straight flat file list could be all right depending on how large the file is.

As you already have found out if you do, it is too cumbersome and wastes your time and just creates aggravation. For about the same price you will pay for an Excel worksheet, you can have a full standalone statistical process control software application to do control charts.

A database allows you to not redundantly store information like part numbers, formulas, and the like. We have initiated new concepts into Zero Rejects that no one else had. Like plotting a second bell shape curve around the specification and the data. This is what six sigma is all about. The drift between the specification and the actual data measured.

SCRQMS 4.0 suite is smart QMS (Quality Management System)and integrated Solution for smart industry which includes modules like: APQP, PPAP, SPC, Gauge Calibration and MSA, Supplier/Vendor Quality, Cost of Quality, Customer Complaints, Document control, Audit ManagementPMS , Workpermits, Legal ComplianceIncidents , Inventory ManagementWarranty Management etc.


  • Ensures full traceability with process and production data.
  • Zero Manual error during entries(i.e Direct interface to gauges and Equipment).
  • Definable event notification drives sound quality decisions.
  • Ensure compliance to industry standards.
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