Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Software

The Production Part Approval Process(PPAP) is used in the automotive supply chain to establish confidence in component suppliers and their production processes, by demonstrating that all customer engineering design record and specification requirements are properly understood by the supplier and that the process has the potential to produce product consistently meeting these requirements during an actual production run at the quoted production rate.

The PPAP process in closely related to the Advanced Product Quality Planning process ( APQP ) used during the design and development of new vehicles and component systems to reduce the risk of unexpected failure due to errors in design and manufacture.

The PPAP manual is published by the Automotive Industrial Action Group (AIAG), and specifies generic requirements for obtaining PPAP approvals.

  • The clients requirements have been understood.
  • The product supplied meets those requirements.
  • The process (including sub suppliers) is capable of producing conforming product.
  • The production control plan and quality management system will prevent non-conforming product reaching the client or compromising the safety and reliability of finished vehicles.


SCR PPAP maintain single database for the entire enterprise. Make a change in one document, e.g. Process Flow Diagram, PFMEA, Control Plan ant it changes releted documents automatically

SCR PPAP gives mail alerts to the users for all incomplete actions.

Using SCR PPAP you can import data from a wide variety of applications, including most ERP,SAP, PLM, MS word documents and Excel Sheets.

Using SCR PPAP module administrator can provide individual or group user rights as read only or Edit Access for each document , a group of documents , or to all documents. Stability Study:

Stability tests for testing homogeneity of data and Statistical Control


  • Import Excel Document
  • Reports Based on AIAG requirements
  • Export in to MS EXCEL ,Mailing facility
  • Reminder Facility
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