Measurement System Analysis (MSA) Software

SCR MSA is a software package from SCR Soft Technologies, for performing Measurement Systems Analysis scientifically , and it Assists in the calibration and study of measurement, inspection, testing and lab equipment. If your measurement equipment is not functioning properly, you will inevitably be faced with expensive quality fixes. In addition, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 require equipment measurement uncertainty to be studied.

SCR MSA helps you identify, catalogue, calibrate, and study the measurement system variation and uncertainty of your equipment. The software uses the statistical measures of stability, linearity, bias, and gauge R&R ( gage repeatability / reproducibility ) to report on frequency, measurement system variation, and uncertainty and organize it into easily digested reports and graphs.

SCR MSA is also gathers information into families so you can reduce the number of MSA studies required in your organization. SCR-MSA is an application that helps organizations identify, catalogue, calibrate and study the measurement certainty of inspection, testing, and lab equipment.

SCR-MSA tests both the measurement system equipment and processes to ensure that your measurement systems produce accurate, repeatable and stable measurements.

SCRQMS 4.0 suite is smart QMS (Quality Management System)and integrated Solution for smart industry which includes modules like: APQP, PPAP, SPC, Gauge Calibration and MSA, Supplier/Vendor Quality, Cost of Quality, Customer Complaints, Document control, Audit ManagementPMS , Workpermits, Legal ComplianceIncidents , Inventory ManagementWarranty Management etc.

SCR - MSA Performs The Following Studies

  • Variable Study
  • Stability
  • Bias
  • Linearity
  • R & R (Range & Average)
  • Attribute Study
  • Cross Tabulation Method
  • Signal Detection Method
  • Analytic Method
  • Stability Study
  • Stability tests for testing homogeneity of data and Statistical Control


  • Import Excel Document
  • Reports Based on AIAG requirements
  • Export in to MS EXCEL
  • Mailing facility
  • Reminder Facility
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